Finally decent internet and phone coverage on the farm

Our purpose is to provide farmers with a fast, usable, and reliable connections around the property. We use the most advanced purpose built technology, combined with our team’s expertise to understand how to use it in your location and specific use requirements.

Improve phone call quality

We have lived the frustration of trying to make phone calls across large areas of one bar 3G/4G coverage. Our solutions provide better phone call quality, reducing business inefficiency and improving farm safety.

Send emails and other data quickly

Common download speeds prevent effective email based communication and other internet based business activities. We can improve internet connectivity in locations that suits you.

Reliably send files from machinery

Harness the benefits of paddock data by avoiding data loss and other connectivity frustrations. Our solutions enable more reliable transfer of data from machine to home, agronomist, and adviser.

Access video based applications

Having to return to the house or completely avoid video-based internet use is inefficient. We can enable you to conduct video-based meetings or access timely video tutorials from multiple farm locations.

1. Remote Site Assessment

We undertake initial research and analysis of your specific locations, network limitations and options for improvement.

2. Site Testing

Our technicians conduct equipment testing on farm to find a customised solution that suits your specific connectivity requirements - whether they be in the shed, home, header, ute or remote base stations around the farm.

3. Permanent Install

We install a custom equipment solution that maximises connectivity in key locations. We also provide ongoing data and support services to make sure you have the best internet possible.